And now, President Obama playing with a marshmallow cannon

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Yesterday, President Obama hosted over 100 students at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for the second annual White House Science Fair. Young scientists of all ages showed off projects in subjects ranging from robots, to rocketry, to energy conservation. Fourteen-year-old Joey Hudy even brought an air cannon capable of launching marshmallows upwards of 175 feet.

ABC news says Obama was "almost giddy" when he walked up to Hudy and asked If the cannon could launch a marshmallow onto an opposing wall. And honestly, who can really blame the president for his enthusiasm — it's a freaking marshmallow cannon.

"The Secret Service isn't happy about this," Obama quipped as he launched a marshmallow across the crowded room.

"Programs like this science fair help students develop critical skills and get hands-on experience that will serve them and our nation well in the future," said NASA chief Charles Bolden, who — along with notable scientific figures like Niel deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye — joined Obama in honoring the up and coming scientists.


"These talented students are tomorrow's science leaders," Bolden continued. "[...] Their skills will be critical to helping us make an American economy built to last."

Via SPACE and White House. Image by Kevin Lamarque via Reuters