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And the Best Nerdabolous Joke Ever Award Goes to... Switch Real Car for Life-Sized Lego Car!

Legoland California's General Manager Peter Ronchetti has a Volvo XC60. At least until a couple days ago someone decided to use a lift fork to switch it to a life-sized, 2,934-pound Lego XC90 made of 201,076 bricks.


I wish I had the money to pull this kind of jokes. I would replace the Fifth Avenue AppleStore's glass cube with transparent Lego bricks and go all "HAH!" on Steve.

In the meantime, I would keep visiting the Lego mothership and dreaming of building a life-size space shuttle with Lego bricks. [Legoland California via LA Times]


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The XC-60 and XC-90 are two seperate models... Plus with it being a different color, kind of takes the air out of the joke.

also, how effin' stupid to you have to be to not realize your car is made out of legos???