Swiftkey Keyboard beta: Finally, Android users have a keyboard that's actually good. The star feature of Swiftkey is its predictive text, it literally learns the way you type. We're not kidding, Swiftkey will scan your SMS messages to see what words you're most likely to use. Plus, it looks better than the stock Android keyboard. Free


Goby: If you ask yourself what you should do this weekend every weekend, go and download Goby. Goby gives you suggestions on what to do based on your location. It covers pretty much every city and has 350 categories of activities, so anything that resembles fun will be suggested. Free

Antennas: If you didn't know, signal strength has been a pretty big issue these days. With Antennas, you can see your actual signal strength and the cell towers closest to you. Pretty handy for general testing or in times of weak signal strength (to see where you need to go). Free


Onion News Network: The local news is depressing. The Onion is not. The Onion just released their own app for Android and it gives you all the satirical fun that you come to expect from America's finest news source. That is, a deep video catalog of all their craziest antics and episodes. Free


Graffiti for Android: For all you PalmOS fans still kicking around, the original Graffiti text input app has been ported to Android. Graffiti for Android lets users use shorthanded gestures in lieu of a keyboard for text entry. Because drawing crude symbols gives you all the nostalgic fun that typing can't. Free

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