Android Dev Phone 1.1 Fixes Key Problems

If you wanted the unlocked $400 Android G1 phone but were reluctant because of its problems, the new 1.1 update fixes most, but still leaves the issue of running paid applications partially unsolved.


Now, the Dev Phone 1 will be able to access the Paid apps in the store, although according to Developer Advocate Dan Morrill, people with this kind of G1s won't be able to install copy-protected apps. The update fixes the alarm clock, Gmail, pop3 email accounts, mail notifications, and maps, as well as adding support for search by voice. [Phandroid]

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Its entirely the cell phone companies' fault and NOT Android's. I'm so sick of these companies with their lock downs and their contracts and their bullshit. I pray for a day a good cell phone company will come with affordable 4G, no contracts, and no locked phones. Perhaps then cell phone makers will bring down the price of the phone on their own.