Android Gingerbread Exposed In New Crystal Clear Video

It looks like Google Hong Kong has accidentally published a video showing a crystal clear view of Gingerbread's user interface—the next version of your Android cellphone's operating system. It shows some of the incoming aesthetic changes.


The video shows a Google Voice walk through on a cellphone with Gingerbread installed. It doesn't show changes in built-in apps, but it unveils small changes on system-wide user interface elements. Gradients have been replaced by flat black—transparent black in the case of the home springboard—with gray borders and green neon checks. [Android Police]



Still looks ugly to me. I can't explain exactly how but it just doesn't look appealing at all, not to say it's bad, because I have never used it.

PS: Before you call me a fanboy of some sort, let me tell you that I still have a dumb phone because college is mean to my wallet like that.