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Android Gingerbread Rumors Dismissed By Google on Twitter

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Our heads went all dizzy when we heard that the minimum required specs for Android 3.0 Gingerbread phones was to be a 1GHz processor, and 512MB of RAM. But now the rumormongerer has clarified they're only "recommended." UPDATE


Today, the man who first brought us those heady specs has tweeted a clarification, based on a conversation with sources. "1 Ghz, 512 Mb etc its not minimal requirments but recommended one."

Based on the way Android phones have been going anyway, I don't think manufacturers such as HTC and Motorola will have an issue with those figures—but it will help segregate the lower-end range of Androids from the higher-end.


The full list of rumored specs for upcoming Gingerbread phones can be found here, but according to man-in-the-know Eldar Murtazin, of, the firmware update won't be released until October; the phones until November/December.

One last twist in the cookie factory though, with Android's Open Source & Compatibility Tech Lead Dan Morrill taking to Twitter also, with a (slightly) passive-aggressive stab at Murtazin's claims: "I love it when people just make stuff up and report it as news," linking to the Unwired View post which translated Murtazin's Gingerbread specs, bringing them to life. Morrill went on to remind his followers that "In summary, please remember that rumors are not official announcements. ;)"

Well sure, Morrill—but where's the fun in that?! [Twitter - Thanks, Maaz!]

UPDATE: Yaniv from Hebrew site NewsGeek has got in touch, and reported that they've spoken to a "credible source from within Google" (who wishes to remain anonymous), who confirmed that what we've heard so far is true. Added to that, NewsGeek managed to acquire the following details:

1. Android 3.0 (Gingerbread) will be released in time for the holidays.
2. Android 3.0 will have a complete new UI. Team working on this is led by Mattias Durte.
3. Android 3.0 will have a new look and feel for the music and media player.
4. Music downloads will be available from the Android market for gingerbread and probably for the older versions as well (his words).
5. Google will include streaming of DRM-free music from a desktop app to an Android device based on "Simplify Media"' (which they acquired a few months back) technology.
6. There will finally be a normal way to sync your android with your PC. He preferred not going into details about it but he said that is one of the problems that would be solved in the next version.


UPDATE 2: Unwired View has clarified some of the Gingerbread details they translated, with the possibility that Gingerbread might not be Android 3.0.