Android Market Policy Details: You Can Return Apps

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Policy details regarding paid apps on the Android Market have come to light—the most notable of which being the fact that you have 24-hours to return an app if you are not satisfied.


Other policies include:

•The Market will allow unlimited reinstalls of purchased apps.
•Upgrades must come directly from the developer.
•Sexually explicit material is banned from the Android Market.
•Billing disputes must be held with the developer or your credit card company.


Much of that information was to be expected, but an app return policy is a really big deal. I can't tell you how much I would love to shove Sim City on the iPhone back in EA's face right now. It's been out for months and they still haven't fixed a bug that causes it to crash on launch for some users. I can only hope that Apple will eventually follow Google's lead on this one. [Android via IntoMobile]