Android Wear Video Walkthrough: It's Got the Basics Down

Until Android Wear actually comes out on some real hardware, it's not much more than a bunch of promises, some of which are a little lofty. But if you look at the developer preview, there's some good news: Android Wear gets the basics right.


Macmixing took a spin through the preview of Android Wear, and while it doesn't yet support voice commands or any of the advanced Google Now-ish stuff that has us really excited, the basics of just seeing texts, checking emails, and interacting with tweets look rock-solid from the get-go. No extra apps to download or permissions to set up, and the time is always on screen by default, like any good watch. There's still a lot that remains to be seen, but so far so good. [Macmixing]



Do any of the existing smart watches have any kind of accelerometer or gyroscope activation? Since you almost always have to tilt your wrist towards you to see your watch, it would be really nice if that was used to activate the dormant screen.