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Android's Open Handset Alliance Adds 14 Members: Sony Ericsson, Garmin, Asus and More

Illustration for article titled Androids Open Handset Alliance Adds 14 Members: Sony Ericsson, Garmin, Asus and More

The big happy family involved with making Android-friendly software and devices just grew by fourteen members, and while there are still several heavies not present, the new list is interesting.


The new members are:

AKM Semiconductor Inc., ARM, ASUSTek Computer Inc., Atheros Communications, Borqs, Ericsson, Garmin International Inc., Huawei Technologies, Omron Software Co. Ltd, Softbank Mobile Corporation, Sony Ericsson, Teleca AB, Toshiba Corporation and Vodafone.


Joining the founding members (minus the minor players here):

* China Mobile
* KDDI Corporation
* NTT DoCoMo
* Sprint Nextel
* T-Mobile
* Telecom Italia
* Telefónica
* Ascender Corporation
* eBay
* Google
* Broadcom Corporation
* Intel Corporation
* Nvidia Corporation
* Qualcomm
* Synaptics
* Texas Instruments
* LG
* Motorola
* Samsung Electronics

And a selection of the big dogs still missing (with most likely to stay that way) are:

• Nokia
• AT&T
• Apple
• Microsoft
• Verizon
• Palm

While membership in the OHA can mean any number of things (from simply contributing in some way to the Android source code to producing an actual Android device), it's interesting to see a broader range of companies joining up. Sony Ericsson is a big score, hardware wise, and Garmin is the first navigation company to be a member—I could see an Android-powered nav device, if executed correctly and backed by a major player, filling the niche that Dash started to explore. And let's not forget the eternally delayed Nuvifone—Android is perfectly suited to something like that. Why would Garmin build its own smartphone OS from scratch when it could simply modify an open source foundation that's already out there, and free?


[Full Press Release]

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Rabid Penguin

Where does Verizon fit in all this? No iPhone, no Android? Those pussies need to choose a side.