Animated Atari Pong T-Shirt

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The unseasonably warm San Francisco weather today makes me think of Summer attire. That, and how I'd rather be outside today. Bringing such thoughts back to the realm of gadgets, I present you with this T-shirt which mounts an animated (but unplayable) game of Pong on the bony forefront of your chest, using some unspecified display tech and two AAA batteries. This piece of unquestionably tacky attire joins the ranks of more tasteful Pong watch and clock we've recently written about, but this could be the most relevant Pong-themed gadget yet.

Is this the "I'm with Stupid" shirt of this century? Maybe, if legions of geeks can get over the epilepsy inducing animation and the feeling of a warm battery pack digging into the ribcage. I'll pass. When it comes to "technical clothing" I prefer the Star Trek like suction-fit of Underarmor thermals. They keep you comfortable in varying climate, and instead of Pong, they show nipples.


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