It's not easy to adapt a beloved animated series to live-action, and there are plenty of terrible movies that stand as a testament to that fact. But what is it, exactly, that fans hate about these live-action movies? Well, a Japanese site called MyNavi Woman recently surveyed a group of men and women to find out. The results, while not particularly surprising, highlight exactly what's wrong with most adaptations.


57.8 percent felt that casting was the biggest issue, citing obscure actors they didn't care about getting cast as beloved characters as the biggest gripe. A lack of faithfulness to the source pissed off 35.6 percent of people and bad acting covered 25.4. The things that didn't seem to bother most people were bad special effects and the introduction of new characters not in the original series.

So basically, you can introduce new characters and you can fill the adaptation to the brim with shitty VFX, but don't you dare hire no-name, bad actors to portray vastly changed characters in an unrecognizable world.

Yeah, that sounds about right.