Anne Hathaway Is Making a Movie About Meteors That Turn Men into Aliens

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Working with Christopher Nolan must have given Oscar-winner Anne Hathaway a taste for space. The Interstellar co-star just signed on to make The Shower, a film about a baby shower that turns into a meteor shower that turns men into blood-thirsty aliens.

The Shower was written by Jac Schaeffer and made the Black List in 2014. That’s Hollywood’s prestigious list of the best unproduced screenplays. Since then, it’s been performed and live-read by several recognizable names, but Hathaway will finally bring it to the big screen, both as a producer and a star. Here’s a teaser trailer for one of the events centered on the film, which unfortunately has already passed.

As you can tell from that trailer, the film is not only a scifi movie, but a comedy as well. With Hathaway attached, and the incredibly intriguing plot line, it seems like a safe bet some studio will pick up this package soon and get this movie made. The idea of a pregnant Anne Hathaway killing aliens sounds all kinds of awesome.


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