Anonymous Claims Gigabyte of Stolen NATO Goodies (Updated)

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Undeterred by a rash of arrests, the hackers at Anonymous are boasting "about one gigabyte" of data from NATO. But they're not going to publish most of it, as it'd be "irresponsible." The rest? "Interesting data," they say.


Attacking NATO seems like an odd choice. Anonymous has very public and very strident sympathies with the Libyan revolution, which would have been crushed long ago had it not been for NATO intervention. So why pick on a group they should ostensibly be gushing over?

Well, for one, it's a governmental alliance, and Anonymous' AntiSec ethos harbors categorical hatred toward government per se. Secondly, they appear miffed by some of NATO's strategic choices—including outsourcing Balkan war efforts, as described in a PDF they've leaked this morning. So what will they drop out of that gigabyte cache? Wait and see. It'll be interesting to see how loyalty and a purported sense of responsibility clash with their goal of leaking everything, all the time.

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Update: I spoke with an inner AntiSec member, who confirms that the data heist is a direct response to NATO's threats last month.




Why does the "Anonymous" group have to steal secretive government documents to release to the public to expose them when they could prove the same points through extensive research of public documents? If Anonymous wants to prove corruption in the world then they need to go to school and expose government corruption the right way by doing things themselves, instead of acting as a hacking spy to find out whats going on.

Hell, Russian spies didn't have to dig for government secrets to hand over to the KGB, they just asked for public records at the library and the USSR claimed it as their hard working and labeled these public docs as classified.

take a look at the bigger picture and you will understand. All the problems in the world are easily pinpointed and do have causes but we all try and blame something or someone else. Does ANYONE try and dig through real news of the world and finding it out themselves, or does everyone just believe 6 o'clock news now?

how about instead of looking into NATO secrets, we look into UN relations and the corruption that the oil industries have on their representatives within it? I hope someone has the faintest idea of what i'm talking about..