Anonymous Continues Its Fraternal Ownage of The Arizona Police

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Wow, Anonymous has struck a third and deadly blow on the Arizona police. This latest grab includes personal information and emails for 1,200 officers including usernames, passwords, email addresses, credit card numbers and more.

Some of the emails are ripe with racist remarks about torturing "ragheads", crude Anti-Obama slurs, and pornography. Other emails discuss the recent hacks and the PR strategy to defuse public reaction to the revelation of a sex offender in their ranks. Hundreds of private documents from the FOP and mail spools from the upper level police administration are now in the wild, too.

Anonymous is not done, not yet. They have password lists to email accounts (hotmail, gmail, etc) and have been reading all the emails. This task is way more than they can handle. They are asking the hacking community for help in parsing these email accounts and exposing the secrets contained within. Judging by what they found so far, we should hear a lot more about the Arizona PD in the coming weeks. [Anonymous]


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