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Another Unlikely Potential Explanation For Lost

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Memorial Day means there's no new Lost this week, but there's no vacation from thinking about all the hidden messages behind the show that guarantees Matthew Fox's gravestone won't read "The dude from Party of Five who never did anything else ever again." So what are some theories you might be mulling over? A top example is the chance that Lost is really just a confused, big budget remake of Red Dwarf. This (admittedly flawed) premise comes courtesy of a fan at Lost fansite

This fan writes:

Since the start of my love affair with LOST, I have noticed that there are more than just a few themes that tie directly in to the BBC SCI-FI Comedy, Red Dwarf. To name a few but by no means all of them...
*Hurley - Luck Virus
*Smokie - Ploymorph
*Future echos - Corse Correction
*Cassandra - Mrs Hawking
*JMC rations - DHARMA food
*Quarintene - Quarintene(HA! go figure)
*Locke - Rimmer, and hopefully Locke will grow enough to become Ace Rimmer by the end of the series(What a guy!)
*Others - Simulants/Gelfs

I could go on and on but I really believe it would give away too much at this point. But one that did just occur to me that seems important is Jack being Lister, let me explain. I have been hearing on line and from friends that a common theory is that Jack of all people is in fact Jacob. Oh how I laughed at these people. I thought it was by far the dumbest idea ever. Then I watched S6E3 of Red Dwarf and as much as I hate it, they may be on to something.... Jack is short for Jacob(a name like Jacob Shepard is really laying it on thick, even for Darlton). But that is not what got me to at least listen, it is the cycle theme that they seem to be putting forward. So we see Horace in Locke's dream saying the same thing over and over in a loop or cycle...this was a huge hint IMO. IF(as many people are starting to think) Jack becomes Jacob, it would be the ultimate red dwarf moment...
*815 crashes in 2004.
*Jack gets off the island.
*When he finially gets back it is on a timeline on the island WAY before DHARMA and all that.
*He lives his life on island and finially passes in the caves(He may be "Adam" from S1)
*His spirit or whatever becomes "Jacob"(short for Jack) just in time for DHARMA and 815 to crash...starting the cycle all over again and again for ever.

Just like Dave lister coming into existance from his own seed in "Ouroboros" As much as I hate the "Jack is Jacob" theory...this connection lends serious weight to it in my eyes.


I love this idea, because not only does it assume that JJ Abrams, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have seen the long-forgotten BBC comedy, but also that they were so bowled over by it that they used it as the basis of their multi-million dollar franchise years later.

Of course, stranger things have happened.

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