Answer Measy's Questions, Learn Which Gadget Is Right For You

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Picking gadgets is hard enough when you know about all the gadgets that are more or less in the ballpark you're looking for, but what if you're starting naked? Measy may make the process easier by asking you questions.


All you have to do (eventually, when the site's launched) is fill in details like brand preference, your budget and Measy will throw a bunch of questions about the product category at you. For TVs, you'll get questions about viewing angle, but for cameras, they'll ask about picture quality and whether or not you can record video.

It's a smart idea, and as long as the questions are thorough and the database of products is complete. On the other hand, we've answered quizzes before, and they told us we were more like Elliot from Scrubs, when we are clearly more like Turk. [Measy via Tech Crunch]

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I think this could be useful if the gadgets I want existed. Though in all scincerity, I like when general device specific sites have good finder tools with comparisson functions like phonescoop and dpreview. If they can make the index be good and all in one spot it could be pretty successful.