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I mean, after all, it’s a movie about normal people turning into tiny little people punching the everloving crap out of each other. Why not make tiny, cutesy toys out of them? If anything, Funko hasn’t gone far enough in miniaturising Scott Lang and Darren Cross.


Just as the Sun rises and sets, Funko have confirmed that they will be adapting yet another new franchise to their evergrowing Legion of Funko Pop toys. Just as expected is that this new venture if for Marvel’s next movie, Ant-Man, a scant two months away and most likely due a huge plethora of merchandising pushes to remind people that hey, this Ant-Man movie is a thing that is actually happening. Go see it, and buy some toys while you’re at it, would you?

As you can see above, the line begins with Scott Lang in the Ant-Man suit, and Darren Cross in his Yellowjacket armour. Although obviously the proportions are skewed to blend in with the stylisation of the 4” Pop! Vinyl range, the toys actually give us a great look at the movie’s suits — especially Yellowjackets. I have to say, I love the honeycomb-esque interior mask in the headpiece, and the way it breaks away to reveal Cross’s eyes (something we’ve not seen the movie suit do). And I quite like that even through the lenses, you can still see those big black Funko eyeballs staring back out. Equal parts cute and creepy!


The two Ant-Man movie Funko Pops will be available in June, ahead of the movie’s July release.

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