AOpen MiniPCs Will Use Core 2 Duo

While yesterday may have been the big unveiling of the Intel Core 2 Duo—also known as Merom—AOpen just announced that its MiniPC line of PCs (think of them almost as the PC's Mac mini) will also be using Intel's latest wunderchip. Both the MP945-X and the MP945-VXR will use the Merom processor.


The MP945-VXR will boast, in addition to the Merom, integrated graphics (boo!) in the form of Intel's 945GM chipset, gigabit Ethernet, DVI output, 5.1-channel sound and a DVD burner. Home theater PC, anyone? It sure is small enough to not be an eyesore.

AOpen mobile-on-desktop PCs enter Core 2 Duo era [The Register]

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