Apex USB Battery Charger

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Similar to the EverFast USB charger, this Apex USB battery charger can charge four batteries in as many hours just from your USB port.


Essentially the same as a regular battery charger, this thing plugs into your USB port instead of the wall, which means the only people who have more USB ports free than wall sockets will want this. And if you combine it with the Battery Box, you have a stupid and inefficient way of transferring power from one set of rechargeable batteries to the other.


Product Page [Thinkgeek via PopGadget]

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I can't think of any situation I've been in where I would want to charge AA batteries via my USB port.

If I'm near a desktop machine, there's going to be a power plug somewhere.

If I'm on my laptop, I wouldn't want to drain my laptops batteries to charge AA batteries.

That's ignoring the fact that it takes 4 hours to charge the batteries, and my laptop battery only lasts four hourse, and presumably, the laptop has to be powered up to charge this thing.

/this is especially useless for me since I bit the bullet and bought one of these.


I paid $70 bucks, but it will charge 8 AA/AAA batteries at a time in about an hour. Bonus, charges batteries individually, no need to charge them in pairs. Since I got this charger, I basically keep piles of charged batteries hanging around.