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Apple and Google Are Racing to Analyze Your DNA

Illustration for article titled Apple and Google Are Racing to Analyze Your DNA

Technology is filled with all kinds of rumors, real and fabricated. It gives us a look at might be and will be. BitStream gathers the whispers all in one place to divine what the future has in store.


Smartphones allow us to do just about anything, and soon, analyzing our DNA could be up there with booking hotels and Facebook stalking our exes. Apple’s reportedly teaming up with researchers to make iPhone apps that could test your genes and store the findings on a scientist-maintained cloud database. And it’s not the only tech company that wants to get its hands on our genetic data. Google and the government are also working to create huge collections of DNA test results, in order to fight diseases. Welcome to the next frontier of big data—the race is on. [MIT Technology Review]

Illustration for article titled Apple and Google Are Racing to Analyze Your DNA

Android M, the latest version of the Google’s mobile OS, will be unveiled at the annual Google I/O dev conference. There’s been no official confirmation, but just going on past years, and a mention of Android M had mysteriously vanished from Google’s I/O website, we’d say it’s a safe bet. [The Verge]

Edge or Spartan—which do you like? Microsoft revealed the actual name for its upcoming Windows 10 browser will be “Edge” at the Build conference last week, but according to a fan survey on Windows Central, a third of respondents prefer the code name Spartan. [Windows Central]

Beware the PC killer: Rombertik is demon-from-Hades malware that totally wipes your hard drive if it’s detected. [PCWorld]

Fetuses might hate cell phones: New research suggests pregnant moms should keep ringing mobiles away from their tummies or risk disturbing their unborn. [HealthDay]


Music’s evolution, mapped: Scientists studied 17,000 songs from 50 years of the US Billboard Hot 100 songs in the most detailed analysis of pop music ever. []

Rear Window, drone style: Your pervy neighbor might be spying on you with his drone. But state laws could punish Peeping Toms. [Bloomberg]


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So as someone that is new to the marketing field, I’m wondering if MS picked the name Edge to emphasize the “E” and piggyback off of the Explorer name... does that make sense? Spartan just seems disjoint from their branding, but I’d almost think that would be a better idea since Internet Explorer has such a shit reputation at this point (and every point in the last 10-15 years).