Apple Didn't Have to Make Apple Maps Yet—It Still Had a Year Left on Its Google Maps Contract

Why did Apple kill Google Maps from iOS and make its own maps? The logical thinking was some combination of getting Google off iOS and Apple and Google's Google Maps contract agreement being over. That's only half true. Apple still could've used Google maps for another year under their current agreement, Apple just decided to blindside Google by going in its own direction.

Yes. You heard that right. According to the Verge, Apple had another year left before Apple's contract with Google Maps expired. Meaning, you could totally have perfectly capable Google Maps on iOS 6 right now instead of the buggy listings, melty world, Apple crap maps fiasco on your iPhone right now. Instead of using that extra year to build the Apple Maps app into something better and reliable, Apple left it on the table so they could catch Google off guard.


According to the Verge, when Apple decided to go forth with its own Maps app, Google had to scramble "to develop an iOS Google Maps app—an app which both sources say is still incomplete and currently not scheduled to ship for several months." In releasing Apple Maps early, it sounds a lot like Apple put the priority on flexing a competitive advantage over Google first and focusing its energy and using the time to make the iPhone user experience better second. [The Verge]

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