Apple Employee Address Reveals iPods With OS X, AppleTV Focus, and Improved Macs

In addition to giving Apple employees a free 8GB iPhone by the end of July, Steve Jobs had a few more things to say in Apple's closed-door internal meeting today.


First, Jobs talked about how new Macs they have coming up will be "off the charts," and then talked about how they want the four pillars of their business to be Macs, iPods, iPhones and Apple TVs. Right now their focus is on the iPhone, but Apple TV will get its turn later.

Also addressed was an iPod with OS X, which sounds to us like an iPhone without the phone or communicator functions (but with the touchscreen).

Other interesting details he talked about was the 6 p.m. launch time (he didn't want people to take off from work), and the use of EDGE in the iPhone (battery, deployment issues). We're sure the employees were most excited about getting a free iPhone, which probably colored their response to all the other announcements.

Internal Apple Stevenote: iPhone, iPods with OS X, and "off the charts" Macs in the pipeline [Ars Technica]


Can this guy do nothing wrong? I want to be Steve Jobs so I can feel what it is like to be that close to perfection. Either that or I would kill myself so I would stop feeling so jealous.

So, a geeky question.. Now we are talking about adding OS X to the iPod, but I have always questioned when Apple said that OS X is on the iPhone. What does that mean exactly? What constitutes the software on the iPhone being OS X? For example, what is on the Windows Mobile devices is clearly completely different software than Windows, which is why Microsoft came up with a different name. Because it looks like Windows, Microsoft still called it Windows, but it is not Windows XP or Windows Vista - which makes sense.

So, is what is on the iPhone or an upcoming iPod really OS X? Or is it really a different BSD-based kernal with functions similar to OS X? For example, is there any program that you install on a true OS X desktop/laptop that could be installed on an iPhone? Would that be the deciding factor that it is really OS X? Or is this all just part of Steve's RDF?