Apple Hires Expert On "Wearable Technologies"

Say what? Apple better not be working out how to strap a laptop to someone's back, because that's already been done—10 years ago. But their recent hiring of someone well-versed in wearable computing does spell something interesting.

Richard DeVaul, who was previously the founder and president of AWare Technologies, has been headhunted by Apple to join a secret team working under Jonathan Ive, as a Senior Prototype Engineer. Supposedly only seven people besides Ive and Steve Jobs knows what he's working on—and while Seth Weintraub at Computerworld is not one of them, he's certainly taken a stab.


What could Apple be wanting with hiring DeVaul? I doubt it'll be anything like a wearable computer, but when stories about scientists turning fabric into electricity-conducting items are becoming more common, you can guess our clothes will play a larger role than just clothing us in the future.

It could also mean they're looking at Bluetooth-syncing devices with the iPhone, such as a watch, or even something as simple as virtual reality glasses, like Vuzix has been cooking up.


The clue is in DeVaul's new job title however—"prototype" might just mean he's kept busy dreaming up strange concepts that will never make it to a chrome-and-glass Apple store, but will stop other rivals from selling similar products if Apple's won the patent already. [Computerworld]

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