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Apple Making Future iPods Hot Unpluggable

Illustration for article titled Apple Making Future iPods Hot Unpluggable

One of the small things that's bugged me about my iPod is that every time I sync it I have to use iTunes to unmount it. Well, it appears Apple is doing something about that as it's filed a patent for a hot unpluggable media storage device. The patent talks about rendering a peripheral (I'm guessing an iPod unless it's something else) from a host computer without having to prep it. Small upgrade, but this means future iPods may be plug and play and not require software.


Apple Working on Hot Unpluggable iPods [AppleInsider]

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After the last firmware update it was a bit touchy about being dismounted. I was sometimes able to dismount by dragging the iPod icon into the trash bin on mac, but afterwards it would quickly mount again which was annoying. But this is in disk mode, I'm sure this is not an issue with auto syncing which allows you to unplug it once it's done synchronized.

I always dismount from iTunes now because of the remounting issue. I don't care patent or not this would improve things.