Next up, is the radio bit called, amazingly enough, “Apple Music Radio.” The focus here, again, is curation. Human touch! Art and technology coexisting! The centerpiece of this offering is its world-wide 24-hour radio “Beats 1,” which is run by DJ guy Zane Lowe (in LA), Ebro Darden (in New York), and Julie Adenuga (In London). You might not have heard of these people before, but rest assured they are super famous deejays that will be your guides to the world of new hip tunes, ya dig, word, ON FLEEEEEK?


NYC, LA, and London. Global, huh? WELL SEE.

Besides the flagship station, there will be lots of stations curated by well-known deejays. The emphasis here, again, is curation, whereas iTunes Radio was largely algorithmic before.


The final piece of the new offering is Apple Music Connect which is basically a way for you to follow your favorite artists on Facebook and Twitter as well as through the app itself. It gives you access to exclusive content from artists, like behind-the-scenes video. Artists will also be able to communicate personal messages to their fans, and fans will be able to respond and share these messages. In other words, Apple’s trying to hijack some of the communication that already exists on social media for its own purposes. (Remember, Apple’s previous social music failure, Ping? Will this be better? Maybe?)

Apple Music is definitely a solid improvement over everything that Apple’s offered before. But it stands to be seen if there’s really enough here to set Apple Music apart from the well-established Spotify.