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Apple Patent Shows Dock Made From 'Elastic Sponge-Like Substance' That Conforms To Shape of iPod/iPhone

Illustration for article titled Apple Patent Shows Dock Made From Elastic Sponge-Like Substance That Conforms To Shape of iPod/iPhone

Apple patents are flowing in thick and fast, with yesterday's anti-tampering idea, and now a universal dock which can be molded to the shape of whichever iPod or iPhone you put in it. Is Apple messing with us?


First filed in June 2008 but just unearthed by AppleInsider, it's been called the "Aesthetically pleasing universal dock" and is made from an "elastic sponge-like substance." It would be able to -

"retain its shape between uses or could be reset using a button placed on the front of the dock for use with a different device. This would eliminate the current problem of differing generations of iPods/iPhones needing adapters to fit into certain docks and chargers."


A shape-shifting iPod dock to match your shape-changing Jaguar C-XS car, perhaps? [AppleInsider]

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Bleh. I'd rather just have the adapter inserts. The dock is a pretty good standard size to fit all iPods. None will get thick enough to not fit in these anyway, and no doubt anything that's soft and elastic will show its age very very quickly. No thanks.