Apple Paying Out 15% On Broken 27-Inch iMacs

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Still think that widespread iMac problems don't exist? After we reported Apple giving UK customers 15% refund bonuses with 27-inch iMac returns, we've heard from quite a few readers that Apple is doing the same thing in the US. UPDATE


15%. Cash. So on a $2000 machine, we're talking about a $300 apology straight from Apple customer support. From the handful of reader anecdotes we've received thus far, it sounds like you need to be a repeat iMac returner who's dealt with multiple 27-inch iMacs that have been busted in some way (but they may accommodate first time buyers as well, we don't know). One reader had multiple yellow screens, then received another new model with broken Bluetooth. He took the 15% and just returned it.

Even though Apple has failed to admit the iMac's failings in a public light, there's no doubt, the company is putting their money where their mouth isn't.

UPDATE: According to an Apple customer support discussion with one of our readers, the 15% bonus refund is officially for "tax and shipping"—it's a flat base rate to cover your return no matter the area you are in. So if you have an 8% sales tax, you may only be pocketing 7% (and even less after shipping if you don't have an Apple Store near). Obviously this offer ranges from small bonus to adequate refund, depending on your circumstance, but returning an iMac is far from a money making venture.



Apple makes some good stuff, you can't deny. But this was irresponsible and misleading for them to have known product issues, not tell anyone about it and continue to produce this machine and sell it for many weeks without alerting the general public about their faulty machines.

I'm glad they stopped making the computer to try and remedy the situation, but really how many of those faulty Macs have they already sold since discovering the issue? Once they found out the issue, so much as one is too many....

I think their should be some law called the "Bad Business Practices" law, in which if a company is found to knowningly distribute bad products or conduct bad business, they are fined out the ass.