Apple's already been clear that it wants its upcoming timepiece to be something that you're not ashamed to wear. But in case displaying it at the Paris Fashion Week wasn't clear enough, Apple's PR people have gone ahead and put the Apple Watch front and center โ€” quite literally โ€” on the November issue of Vogue China.

A story in Business of Fashion confirms that Apple approached Vogue China's editor-in-chief, Angelica Cheung, with the idea to feature their watch, with the usual Apple angle on how they "combined technology, style and functionality".


In any case, the move is a doubly clear statement of intent that Apple's trying hard to market the Apple Watch outside of the normal male 20-somethings that make up the majority of the launch-day lines. Whether or not one cover and a fluff-piece will make Apple's the first successful smartwatch will just have to wait. All I know is that I could never see Meryl Streep featuring a smartwatch on her cover. [Business of Fashion]

Image credit: Vogue China