Apple Rejects CastCatcher 1.3 App for "Transferring Excessive Volumes of Data"

Illustration for article titled Apple Rejects CastCatcher 1.3 App for Transferring Excessive Volumes of Data

I think Apple's rejection of the latest update to CastCatcher—an internet radio app—is the first we've seen because it "transfer[s] excessive volumes of data over the cellular network." Interestingly, the current version, 1.2, is still in the store, and return7's co-founder, Amro Mousa, told us that CastCatcher 1.3 doesn't "use more bandwidth than prior versions (or any other streaming app)." We initially suspected a bug, perhaps, but he also says that the streaming code is unchanged between 1.2 and 1.3. So, uh, we're not too sure what the hell happened here. And what does this mean for other streaming apps that use a lot of bandwidth, like Pandora? All of this is not to mention that AT&T has assured us over and over that the iPhone plan is truly unlimited. Good to know the standard App Store review policy is still in effect, though. [return7 via Ars]

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So glad i dont have a tyrannical corporation telling me what I can and cant do with MY device.