Apple Rumors: OS X Leopard's Six Best Spots

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It's the day before Apple's WWDC, and we're dreaming of what goodies Stevie J. will reveal at the keynote. Last week, O'Grady got his O'Hands all O'ver what looks like details of the next revision of OS X, AKA Leopard. Giz took a look at the long-ish post, and sorted out what we thought were the new operating system's six best features. (All speculation, of course. Please don't sue us, Steve.)

1. Spotlight Really Spotlights
Spotlight, the OS's index and search tool, will highlight search results in open windows, or on the desktop (see the picture above.) It'll also organize results by metadata like date taken or file type.

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2. Widgets On the Desktop:
Widgets that are commonly used can be placed on the desktop. Just drag an icon to the dashboard and wait two seconds. The dashboard will then fade away, the widget's icon will appear in the dock and it will be treated as an app.


3. iChat Buffed
Version 4.0 of iChat supports MSN and Yahoo integration, 7-way video conversations, and "better Voice over IP integration."

4.Safari's Tabs
For those times when we've got dozens of tabs open, and want to reboot, Safari can save the state of its tabs. Also, Safari v3.0 gets integrated FTP support, a phishing filter, better RSS support, and for added security, gets an "isolation box." The box is dedicated disk and memory that's encrypted in its own file system, to prevent malice-code from being run from the browser.

5. Mail's New Looks
Mail gets a widescreen version, to take better advantage of all the new machines' wider aspect LCDs. There's also a Gmail-like thread view.

6. iCal as an Organizing Tool
O'Grady only says that iCal 3.0 has "25 different organization techniques," which, in our Fanboy-dom, we'll interpret as an improved To Do list. Hopefully, it'll be a software counterpart to David Allen's immensely useful Getting Things Done framework. (For more on GTD, check out sister site Lifehacker.)

Leaked Mac OS X 10.5 "Leopard" Deets [ O'Grady's PowerPage ]


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yeah schalliol, i guess every window in the finder doesn't have a search bar or anything built into it.