Apple Selling iPhones Completely Without AT&T Contracts

Just like AT&T, some Apple stores are now selling iPhones without a contract for $599 (8GB) and $699 (16GB). But unlike buying these phones at AT&T, you don't need an existing AT&T contract to take advantage of the offer. And there's no account limit on the amount of iPhones you can buy.


Like we said before, it's a little confusing. The bottom line is that if you want to buy an iPhone and you don't have/want an AT&T contract, you're best off trying an Apple store first. If that doesn't work, you could always sweet talk a buddy into buying you an iPhone through his AT&T account. [AppleInsider]

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Spencer Cunningham

Doesn't this kinda go against everything we've been fighting with for a year and a half? I thought they were against jailbreakers and the only reason you'd buy an iPhone without a contract is to Jailbreak and Unlock the device to use with another carrier. Am I missing something here?