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Apple Sends Cease & Desist to Makers of Podium, Want Them to Ditch the 'Pod'

Illustration for article titled Apple Sends Cease  Desist to Makers of Podium, Want Them to Ditch the Pod

Here's an insane move by Apple: sending a cease and desist to a company who makes an iPhone stand called the Podium for using the word "pod" in its name. What in the hell?


An excerpt from the letter says that "the term POD has also been adopted and used extensively in the marketplace by consumers as an abbreviation to refer to Apple's IPOD player. The IPOD and POD marks indicate to consumers that a broad range of products, including portable electronic devices, computer software, and related goods and services bearing those marks and marks similar thereto originate from or are sponsored or endorsed by Apple." Yeah, OK. It also states that the design of the stand infringes on Apple's trademark because it looks like the new iMac designs.

Pivotal, the makers of the stand, obviously aren't pleased with the letter. This seems like a Monster-Cable-style dick move from a big company to a small out (a small one that makes accessories for Apple's products, no less), so hopefully it won't go anywhere. [TUAW]

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Seems you've etched away at whatever collective soul you've had left, and now allow your legal team to prance around to dole out warning letters willy-nilly like they're the goddamn litigation fairy.

Next you'll have your Cupertino death squads roving around sniping anyone who dares to take a bite out of an apple with a fucking leaf still attached to the stem. Will you then sue LEGO because their Duplo systems have a similar feel as a shiny white Macbook?

Gah! You used to be cool!