Apple Speaks Out About Foxconn Suicides

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Foxconn has gone into serious damage control this week, with CEO Guo Tai-ming inviting 100 members of the press to view the facilities today. Even Apple and Dell, two companies whose products are produced in Foxconn's factories, have spoken out.


Apple released a statement saying that they are "saddened and upset by the recent suicides at Foxconn," confirming that they are "in direct contact with Foxconn senior management and we believe they are taking this matter very seriously."

While most of the media fixates on the relationship between Foxconn and Apple, for want of a sexier story, Dell meanwhile has also spoken about the suicides, saying that:

"We expect our suppliers to employ the same high standards we do in our own facilities. We enforce these standards through a variety of tools, including the Electronics Industry code of conduct, business reviews with suppliers, self-assessments and audits"

Today, Foxconn's CEO has been showing around the 100 or so media members at the Shenzhen factory, but not before setting a few things straight (as translated by MIC Gadget) -

"We want every employee to be happy while working here, and with a happy life. This is our goal which has been advertised, today we will not change, and this will not change in the future. What we have to change, the future (on employee to be happy while working) has to be strengthen. We did a lot of work, we have 70 psychiatrist to prevent suicide, we have trained 100 voluntary workers for the care and counselling department, they need to pass the exam to qualify for this. Our suicide prevent mechanism, we have a reporting system for it, a 50-member working group has been established…"


That, and the monks eh Tai-ming? [ChinaNews via MIC Gadget via Reuters]



Hello Mister Walrus

I don't want to be a champion of human oppression or anything, but consider this:

Foxconn suicide rate: 5.4/100000

US population suicide rate: 11.1/100000

Using suicides to argue that Foxconn mistreats workers is nonsensical. Foxconn's suicide rate is lower than that of any of the states in the US. Based on these numbers, it is preferable to be a Foxconn Chinese worker than an American citizen.