Apple Spends an Insane Amount of Effort on This Super Lame Trophy (Updated)

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After working at Apple for ten years, you get an award—a token of your loyalty. Lots of companies do this. But most companies don't pour mind boggling effort into a snobby award that looks like a tacky souvenir.

Apple software fella Mark Kawano tweeted out this description of the physical award, the intricacy which sounds like the description of a centerpiece Martha Stewart would create for the wedding of the Queen of Space and Bradley Cooper. The glass isn't just refractive—it's highly refractive. It's also "soft to the touch," somehow.


It also looks like something you picked up at the airport because you forgot to get a gift for your dad and you have $28 in cash and why not. Happy 10 years!

[Twitter via 9to5Mac]


Update: A tipster who shall not be named sent in a picture of his own Apple award. I think I'd still rather have a gold watch.