Apple Stores Knock Hundreds Off Leftover MacBooks to Clear Inventory

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What do you do when you've instituted a bottom-to-top refresh in your product line, your new shipments are imminent, but you still have hundreds of stores with leftover inventory? FIRE SALE, is what.


Apple stores have discounted nearly every MacBook in stock, and while the markdowns aren't huge, they're worth a look: MacBook Airs have been discounted anywhere from $400 to $800, which means the previous base model is now $100 cheaper than the most affordable new version. The 2.66GHz 17-inch MacBook Pro is discounted by $500, bringing it below the new model's $2500 starting price. 13-inch unibodies get $100-$300 markdowns, which, given the latest units' advantages, might not be worth it.


You'll want to stop by or call your local store on this one, since these offers depend on remaining inventory, and might not hold in every location. [AppleInsider via Ars]

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Would it be so difficult for [other] leading notebook manufacturers to produce hardware en-par or exceeding Apples unibody design?

I personally despise using Mac computers however, props for engineering/design. I've seriously never even seen a Notebook that even comes close to mimicking the elegant yet dynamic design of a unibody Macbook.

Minimalistic, efficient, sleek, modern... Is it possible to have Windows 7 as the SOLE OS on a 17-inch Macbook Pro?