Apple TV 3.0 Can Play iTunes LP and Extras Like a Real Video Box

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The updated iTunes terms & conditions has a new paragraph under the iTunes LP section spilling Apple TV 3.0—namely, that it'll finally support iTunes LP and Extras viewing.

Why Extras—which are like DVD extras, with bonus clips, interviews and photo galleries, but for iTunes movies—is just now on its way to Apple TV is sorta mystifying, even for their most neglected product. (What does Apple have against its tinier boxes?) It's like, the thing Apple makes expressly to plug into your TV, where you might want to watch those things.


Since Apple TV 2.0, the last major update to the sad little box happened almost two years ago, maybe, just maybe, there's more to Apple TV 3.0 than just Extras and iTunes LP. Or you know, not. [AppleInsider]