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Apple TV Could Finally Come to Android Smartphones

Apple Music could also get an update that makes it worth choosing on Google's platform.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A photo of Apple TV+ on Google TV
Apple TV+ is available on Android TV, but nowhere else on the Android platform.
Image: Google

2022 might be about to take its bow, but the tech rumor mill is still churning. The latest mongering centers around Apple TV and its near arrival on the Android platform.

A simple tweet from a noted leaker, ShrimpApplePro—the same account that tweeted out yesterday’s Pixel Tablet reveal—suggests Apple will release an official Android app for Apple TV+ content offerings “soon.” Apple Music is also apparently getting an update on Android for those sick of Spotify and YouTube Music. But there are no further details beyond these declarations of arrival.


Currently, you can’t watch Apple TV+ content on an Android smartphone. In Google’s ecosystem, you can only do so through Android TV/Google TV-enabled TVs, streaming boxes, and dongles. Android smartphones and tablets aren’t even listed as compatible devices on the Apple TV website.

Still, it’s not ridiculous to think this is where Apple plans to expand its offerings. After all, it’s another revenue stream, and plenty of pundits and Android fans have written about what Apple would gain by pollinating outside of its walled garden. Bloomberg has reported the company hesitated to do so in the past for fear that it would deplete iPhone sales. But it’s a wonder if it wouldn’t give folks more reason to consider switching platforms.


I’m hoping this kind of integration will come sooner rather than later. I recently decided to get Apple TV+ a try after realizing it was the only way to get some holiday classics into my roster this season without scraping the web. Admittedly, after its Oscar win with CODA, I became more interested in watching Apple’s TV shows and movies.

Apple Music has also seen some interesting success on the Android platform. It’s currently hovering at a cool 4.0 in the Play Store ratings, which isn’t a bad score. Going from reviews, people seem to like its interface over Spotify’s, though they wish there were more populated playlists to choose from. Currently, Apple Music is Android’s highest-rated Apple app.