Apple TV Getting AT&T IPTV? We're Skeptical

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Engadget's got a tip from one of their sources that AT&T and Apple are working together to embed IPTV capabilities into the Apple TV by 2008. We're skeptical.


Apple TV? Not doing so hot. IPTV? Not doing so hot. Apple TV and IPTV together? What makes you think that this will be hot?

AppleTV's main purpose, in our view, is to get Apple's content from your computer into the living room. Whether it's iTunes music, iTunes movies, or iTunes TV shows, it seems like just an extension of Apple's ecosystem.

Now, with the recent addition of YouTube to Apple TV, it seems like Apple's making a bold step in working other content providers into the box. However, by adding IPTV to the mix, it would cannibalize Apple's own TV show section of their iTunes store, which doesn't quite make sense to us.

But, while we're talking about long term predictions, we've also heard that Apple TV's getting a HAL voice chip and a huge red light by 2010. And by 2029, the last remaining Apple TVs will be retrofitted with time machines to send the then recently deceased corpse of Governator Schwarzenegger back in time to veto some more immigration reform bills.

But yes, we IPTV is a nice option to have even if it's lame. Which is why people are looking forward to it on Xbox 360s.


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Anyway, I don't see why Apple would have a problem with something that does a broadcast of some sort into the device, even if they DO provide television shows for sale. Apple is still a hardware company, and anything extra that helps to sell the device should be considered.