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Apple TV Just Got HBO Go and WatchESPN

Illustration for article titled Apple TV Just Got HBO Go and WatchESPN

Apple TV just plugged two very big holes in its streaming content: HBO and ESPN. The streaming box will now play content from the HBO Go and WatchESPN apps. And that's good news for just about everyone involved.


Apple TV has always been a very nice streaming box to use, but lately, it had fallen well behind the Xbox 360 and Roku for streaming capabilities. Last year, brought in Hulu Plus, and for a while it looked like it might get Amazon Prime Instant Video, but Apple's remained cautious about what content providers it brings under its tent. Adding HBO Go and WatchESPN, though, is a nice step for anyone who had more or less left the Apple TV to rot in favor of an Xbox or PS3.


Apple TV also got anime streaming Crunchyroll, SKY News, and concert streaming service Quello.

Apple's still got work to do to catch up with the competition. Amazon video is a more difficult problem, since it's a marketplace as well as a streaming hub, but if you're going with the One Box philosophy, which Apple very well might be doing by bringing gaming onto the Apple TV, it's probably worth the squeeze. For now, though, it's a good day—you just got more stuff to stream. [Apple via Verge]

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You have to be a cable subscriber already in order to stream them. Couldn't you just skip the steps involved with turning on the Apple TV and just tune in? If you could subscribe separately, I'd understand. Is it better than HBO On Demand? Honest question...