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Apple TV Pulp Bite: NYT's Pogue Faces-Off the Streamer with Foes; PC Mag Goes Deep

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

Mossberg's review and video were straight up. Let's face it: He didn't need any fancy angling other than the 10-day lead he had on everyone, including nemesis (by publication), David Pogue.


Finally, Pogue's video is here, and as expected, it's entertaining and recommended. Click on to see a full grown man having childlike fun reviewing a gadget. Another nice touch is his comparison to the high definition Netgear streamer, the EVA8000.
The difference? Apple's iTunes won't even supply HD video and those who crave simplicity, while the complex Netgear has compatibility with many formats, in 1080i HD, at the expense of ease of use. Then he compares it to our beloved XBox 360.


For those of you who need deeper reviews — like Mariana Trench deep — PC Magazine has one that'll do the trick. As for the one that tells you to buy it or not, here's our official take: Not quite worthy of an unpantsing.

Rating Pogue's Review:
Timeliness: 8/10
Depth: 8/10
Entertainment Value: 10/10

Rating Mossberg's AppleTV Review:
Timeliness: 11/10
Depth: 7/10
Entertainment Value: 7/10


Rating PC Magazine's Review:
Timeliness: 7/10
Depth: 11/10
Entertainment Value: 1/10

*All get high marks for authority, when you consider their respective target demographics.
Pogue's Apple TV Video Review [NYTimes]


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I've posted the same comment in previous articles, but I'll lament it again here. First off, as a person who has used Apple products since 1983, to people who might not be fully tuned to how Apple as a company works. I love some Apple products, like the MacBook I'm using to type this comment on, but some products just have me scratching my head in wonder. The truth is, from time to time, Apple either thinks that their customer base will buy anything they produce, or have the worst ideas in products. Apple makes products that people neither should want, nor need. The AppleTV is one of those products.

To me, the AppleTV goes in the line behind the video iPod (if you want to watch video on the go, use a notebook), the iPod remote (Buy a shuffle people), The Performa series (I have to buy an external 14.4 modem???).

The truth is, you don't need, nor want the AppleTV, resist the temptation of Apple marketing, you can do it. Remember how you never bought the imported leather iPod case. If you want the ability to do all the things the AppleTV does, just pawn over the extra $300 and get a Mac Mini. I would wait though until at least Leopard comes out though.