Apple Wants iTunes to Replace Your Cable Box for 30 Bucks a Month

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Apple's apparently pitching to networks a subscription plan that would deliver all your TV shows through iTunes for $30 a month, with the goal of launching it next year.


But don't hold your breath on it happening yet: Peter Kafka has "yet to hear of a single programmer that has made a firm commitment." As he points out, while networks are constantly looking for new revenue, like those asshole aliens in Independence Day moving from world to world consuming every natural resource, they're nervous about the idea for a lot of reasons.

A lot of it has to do with the icky, sticky relationships between networks and cable operators, where everybody's worried about losing out as people start to watch more and more TV content online, not in their living room—where streaming video eats up bandwidth, and advertising revenues aren't nearly as rich (which is why Hulu wants to figure out new ways to get you to pay).

While these little complications might slow the process down, the exodus is inevitable. There's no stopping this. The internet is the new cable: Netflix, Hulu, BitTorrent. Apple might not get to launch it in a few months, but it will happen. Just give it time. The actually crazy part, if you ask me, is that the Apple TV might even live up to its name. [Hulu]



I would dump my cable in an instant and replace it with iTunes monthly if this came true. I don't watch much TV as it is, thus negating the value of the excess of channels I have, most of which I don't particularly like, I'd cut down my bill significantly, and more importantly, I'd be able to take my subscription around with me in the form of my Macbook Pro in any decent hotspot, since current iTunes allows me to view and download from the US store no matter where I am, so long as I'm logged into my account.

Currently, Hulu picks up OK with its free ad-based viewing, but if my worst fears for Hulu comes true, I'll never be using that service again. #apple