Apple Watch's Walking Directions Buzz Your Wrist When It's Time to Turn

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Apple Maps have always had turn-by-turn walking directions, provided you had your iPhone in your hand. Now Apple's new Watch will not only provide high-quality maps right there ON YOUR ARM, it will also give you an haptic nudge when you need to turn right.

Using the Watch (do we call it "The Watch?"), you'll be able to summon directions using either the "taptic" touchscreen or Siri. You can zoom in to see the route in more detail, but that watch screen is still pretty small to use for navigation. So once your walking route is set, the Watch will know where you are, and vibrate when it's time to turn—one kind of buzz for left, a different one for right.

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As someone who uses Apple Maps almost every time I'm walking somewhere, this is a godsend. Sometimes I'll put on my headphones and let Siri narrate my journey, but often I'm digging through my purse to find my phone to check those directions make sure I'm still on the correct path. This way I have all the information right there on my wrist, and I might not even have to look at it to know that I'm going the right way. (Also: Is there a "wrong turn" buzz?)

One problem for people using their Watches to get around town: Apple's Maps still don't offer transit directions, instead they send you off to Google Maps. The best possible combination of any non-car directions would not only tell you to walk left or right but also direct you to a bus stop or train station when needed. So either Google Maps will need to incorporate the same haptic feedback for the Watch, or Apple needs to add some transit directions, stat. Also, how about the same thing for biking directions?

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Wow, I am shocked that Apple made an ugly iWatch. Really, Apple? I figured they'd be the one company to make a watch that women would want to wear. Geez, even the Moto looks better than this.