Apple's Control Scheme for the iPod Shuffle Looks Like Friggin' Morse Code

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So using the new iPod Shuffle revolves around clicking the headphone remote in Morse Code-like combinations.There must be an easier way, guys. What is this, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly? [Apple via Engadget]



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Look, folks.

As a former Shuffle owner myself, I agree: the signal code isn't THAT bad. But that does not make this any less of a disaster.

It's not any one thing. It's a combination of things that make it so. I could deal with the Shuffle's controls if they weren't attached to the shitty iPod earbuds that do not stay in my ears when walking, let alone jogging; I could deal with an adapter for my personal pair of headphone as long as it was free and included with the shuffle; I could deal with either of those things if the Shuffle was noticeably smaller than its predecessor (and let's be honest; I don't think anyone's problem with the shuffle was ever "it's not tiny enough.") And I could deal with the Voiceover crap, except that I know my own music and don't need to have Clippy the MS Office widget tell me what I'm listening to.

Please tell me why this Shuffle is a win over the previous generation. As far as I can see - and I've been an Apple fanboy five years running now - it does not offer a compelling reason why it is an improvement over its predecessor, with the exception of the size upgrade.