Apple's Dumbest, Sloppiest iOS 7 Screwups, Collected in One Tumblr

So it's come to this. We knew iOS 7 had some dumb and frustrating imperfections, but hadn't scoured every bit of it for flaws in the small details that Apple used to nail. Well, some industrious design head has given Apple's new OS a proper fisking, and put all the screwups on a Tumblr. This might be what finally kills Jesus Diaz.

The errors range from poor alignment to strange color selection to clipping errors to idiotic information organization to flatly unusable chunks of screen. Maybe they won't get to you. Once you start noticing them, they probably will. Almost makes you miss the days when a calendar icon once a month and a fake bookshelf were the biggest problems in iOS. [Sloppy UI via BoingBoing]


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