Music Week is reporting that when Snow Patrol debuts their new album A Hundred Million Suns late next month, according to their label's product manager, it'll launch on iTunes with Apple's next (presumably) killer app for the iPhone and iPod touch (Remote being the first): an interactive album application that'll deliver lyrics, artwork, behind-the-music photos and other bonus content. The album will drop via plastic disc on October 27, but Music Week implies it might hit iTunes a bit earlier. iTunes obviously already offers digital booklets for some albums, so it's possible the app will simply optimize them for the iPhone with lyrics and extra photos. But, if Apple's actually creating a whole separate app, the implementation is probably more awesome—like the Remote app doesn't exactly seem thrilling if describe it, but it's actually marvelous when you use it, especially if you're anal about your cover art. For some, this might bring digital music another step closer to completely replacing CDs, but really, there's no substitute for that new plastic smell and cursing when you try to frantically peel the sticker off the top in pieces so you can slide it into your car's CD player for the first time. Music Week is promising more details in the dead-tree edition this week. [Music Week - Thanks Jimbo!]