Apple's Website Shows iPhone Stock For Retail Shoppers

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Soon many of you are going to go absolutely nuts trying to track down an iPhone 3G at Apple's retail outlets across the country, and that sounds like fun, but what if you get to your local store and they're out of the model you wanted? That would ruin your iPhone day completely. Thankfully Apple's got a neat page of its site that works with the retail back-end that tells you what phones are in stock at which stores. Put in which state you're in and you can see if the 8GB, 16GB, or 16GB Black iPhone 3G is in stock at your local store, or, more likely, which store you have to drive to to find one. [Apple]


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No says:

"Return after 9:00 p.m. to check iPhone 3G availability at your local Apple Retail Store."

That's helpful ... it's after the store closes :)