ArcAttack: America's Next Pop Sensation? Or Mainstream Music Machine Victim?

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A study in incongruity: ArcAttack, the Tesla-coil playing musical act adored by geeks everywhere, rocking out for Sharon Osbourne, Howie Mandel, and That British Guy Who Isn't Simon Cowell on America's Got Talent. But something else is amiss...

The musical Tesla coils around which the entire act is based? America's Got Talent silenced them! For some reason, they were entirely edited out of the audio mix of the performance. And as far as I can tell, those "electricity" sounds you're hearing are just unrelated high-tech sound effects overdubbed on top. A conspiracy! That's what this is.


Listen to some of the ArcAttack videos we've posted in the past. The Tesla coils aren't just there for show; they're actually emitting the melodies of the songs.

But that musical component is completely missing from the America's Got Talent audition, covered up by some stock zaps and crackles and other sci-fi noises.

But why the unusual edit? Is it because the FCC doesn't think mainstream America is ready for the awesome power of musical lightning? Because music studios want to keep the geek demographic away from the pop charts? BECAUSE THE POWERS THAT BE ARE SILENCING THE GREAT NIKOLA TESLA ONCE AGAIN!?

Maybe. Or maybe because it's just because mixing music for TV is incredibly tricky to begin with, and if NBC's audio dudes just barely managed to figure out how to account for Lil Wayne's autotune on SNL a few seasons ago, I wouldn't be surprised if they only considered the prospect of miking two gigantic musical lightning rods for about half a nanosecond before they just said "fuck it."


In any event, our ArcAttack pals must've stacked up well against whatever unicycle-riding accordianist came before them, because the judges were fairly breathless in their praise of the group. Gives you hope for shows like these! I just wonder what they'll sound like in the next round? [YouTube]

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Benguin the Albatross

Maybe some audio geeks can explain this to me, but I don't understand how hard it could be to record the audio from the tesla coils, when a shitty handycam on Youtube can do it out of the box.

Someone please elaborate.

PS: Fuck that bitch Sharon Osbourne.