Are These Star Wars-esque Rental Homes Yub Nub or Bantha Poodoo?

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What better day than Star Wars Day to start planning your next Star Wars-themed getaway? The vacation rental site has selected several properties that they think serve as earthbound stand-ins for famous Star Wars sites. What do you think, Jedi Council of readers?

Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru's House, Tatooine


To fulfill your fantasies of living in a desolate desert community prone to raids by Sand People, HomeAway selected this two-bedroom Egyptian hideaway on the Red Sea Coast. No word on the quality of the neighborhood cantina but activities such as golf, kite surfing and Turkish baths are just a short sandspeeder ride away. Considering you can visit and actually stay in the real homes built for the films in Tunisia, perhaps you can lump both of these African destinations into one pilgrimage.

Cloud City, Bespin


A sophisticated city built on thriving industry, perpetually swathed in fog and mist—hmmm, sounds a lot like London. HomeAway selected this contemporary London penthouse with floor-to-ceiling windows and views of the modern skyline as a double for Lando's Cloud City pad. Apparently the owners would be honored if you would join them.

Ewok Village, Endor


Located in the Limon Province of Costa Rica, these two-story treehouses pay tribute to the Ewoks with their focus on rustic materials and jungle living. You can even travel from home to home via zip-line just like those high-flying furry forest dwellers. Personally, we thought this Boy Scouts educational center in West Virginia channelled the Ewok community, but, alas, you can't stay there unless you're on a scouting adventure.

Millennium Falcon


Until Virgin Galactic blasts off, it will be difficult to duplicate the feeling of cozying up in a cabin where you can make the jump to light speed with a Wookie co-pilot. HomeAway chose this Millennium Falcon lookalike that's actually a Chattanooga residence which feels like it's landing on leafy Yavin. It features gorgeous views and a fully stocked bar. Unfortunately no holochess table.

Know a better place to spend your Star Wars-themed holiday? Drop an image and a link in the comments.


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