Park Bomin, Jung Sumi, and Chu Yeunho won a Red Dot Design Award for what they believe to be a big improvement to the surgical gloves used in hospitals. The trio's Safe Cut Surgical Gloves feature a pull tab that not only makes the gloves easier to remove, but also prevents them from ever being reused—intentionally or not—which helps prevent the spread of disease.

But while the gloves do appear to be a lot easier to remove, and are all but impossible to put on again, pulling that tab and tearing through the latex material makes it a lot easier to accidentally get what's on the gloves onto your skin. And that's half the reason they're worn, to protect those working with patients from coming into conflict with contaminants.


So what do you think? Are these a definite improvement, or a shortcut that could create increase unnecessary risks in a hospital setting? [Red Dot Design Award via OhGizmo! via Yanko Design]

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