Are We Sure Chris Evans Isn't Actually a Government Supersoldier?

Oh my.
Gif: Chris Evans

Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s elevator brawl is one of the best fights in a movie filled with some of the best fights in 10 years of Marvel films, full stop. But while Captain America may have superpowers to lean on, actor Chris Evans just has sheer determination*, that he shows off with aplomb in this newly-released behind-the-scenes footage.


Evans dug up the 2013 clips of him practicing all the moves he needed to remember for the close-quarters scene on Twitter overnight, in celebration of Avengers: Infinity War’s impending release. It’s weirdly soothing to watch, especially the first video of him alone with himself just pacing the moves out like a particularly violent yoga class.

But then you see the clips of him doing those moves surrounded by everyone else who’ll eventually be crammed into that tiny elevator with him, and it’s crazy:

No shield and no supersoldier serum required! Really, it’s a testament to the dedication Evans has put into bringing Cap to life over nearly a decade of movie appearances—a stint that, if the actor is to be believed, could be nearing its end. At least, for now, we’ve got Infinity War to look forward to.


*Also muscles. Lots of muscles.

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Wraithfighter know, while RDJ rightly gets a shitton of credit for how his portrayal of Tony Stark basically gave the MCU the shot of life it needed, Chris Evans might be the best in the MCU, in terms of acting skill.

Tony Stark’s a fun character, he gets a lot of quips, lots of fun lines, and I won’t say a bad thing about RDJ’s ability to do the Sad Clown with the character at times... but Steve Rogers is just a harder character to do right. He basically has to be the Perfect Human... but not *too* perfect.

We get his sorrow, his anger when it comes up, and even though he’s Superman levels of “the good guy boy scout”, he never comes off as not believable or dull. Just a master class of acting...